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Mizone "Get Into The Moment"

The “Mizone – Get into the moment” was a brand activation campaign that inspires people beyond the product’s functional benefit. As a resonation of the brand’s promise to restore body, mind and mood, Mizone invites the people to restore their mindset and dare to seize every moment of their daily life.

The uniqueness of this campaign not only came from its inspirational value, but also from how the brand can invade the “get into the moment” experience directly to the public, in places where most of the time was associated as dull and boring moments of daily life.

Campaign Background and Marketing Objectives
Mizone is one of leading isotonic brand in Indonesia. Launched in Oct 2005, the product was positioned as daily drink for active people that can help them to replenish their body, mind and mood, with “Be 100%” as the brand’s tagline. This daily consumption positioning took the brand beyond the isotonic category that strongly perceived as sport/ heavy physical activity drinks.  The brand personality was unpretentious, light hearted and fun. The target market was M/F 19-35 years old, urban, ABC SES.

In 2009, the brand planned to strengthen the brand relevancy to the daily anywhere, anytime consumption while strengthening the emotional bonding with the consumer.

Campaign Strategy
Our strategy to strengthen the brand relevancy was to deliver the brand’s benefit directly into consumer daily life and communicate it in an inspiring and emotional way. The global restoration benefit (body, mind and mood) was delivered as a movement that invites the people to restore their mindset, seizes the day, explore every moment of the daily life in a positive perspective and get into the moment. “When you are 100%, which your body, mind and mood are in its top form, you’ll see every moment in a positive way”.

Campaign Concept
The concept was to invade the consumer with this “get into the moment” experience in the selected touch points that has strong association as boring and not exciting daily routine places. By executing the campaign at these places, the consumer can instantly experience the difference and the “get into the moment” message at the most unexpected spot that used to be boring places.

Campaign Execution
The campaign was executed by invading several spots and provides fun and exciting “get into the moment” experience for the consumer. So rather than having dull and boring moments at that certain places, actually they can have an exciting and fun experiences at that same places.


Supported by amplification filler aired by national TV station, the campaign was successfully become talk of the town and help the brand gains some significant sales growth at that period. This campaign also gains some acknowledgement (7 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze) at “Most Impactful Brand Activation 2009” by Mix Marketing Xtra Magazine, a prominent marketing magazine in Indonesia. And in 2010, this campaign also won bronze and best by country at Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia, and Order of Merit at The Globes MAA Worldwide Awards.

Sunsilk 100 jadi 2 Walk

To celebrate the joy of sharing and to demonstrate the significance of Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love, Sunsilk invited teenage girls to demonstrate their care and concern for fellow girls who are less fortunate by participating in the “100 Becomes 2 Walk” involving more than 2,000 girls from several senior high schools in Jakarta on Sunday Feb 15, 2009.

The event itself provided a memorable experience for the girls that demonstrated their enthusiasm by performing non-stop yells along the 5.8 km walks route. The public along the route were amazed as this huge crowd of girls did the walks enthusiastically despite of the heat of the sun.

Pepsodent Herbal

In late 2008, Pepsodent decided to have an activation campaign to build awareness of one of its premium range products, Pepsodent Herbal, whose uniqueness came from its combination of scientific compounds (Fluoride & Calcium) and natural ingredients (Piper betle leaf, salt and lime). The objectives of the activation campaign were to support the running TV Commercial in building awareness of the variant and to induce trial.

Intriguing booth in a form of giant tube was one of the attracting points of this activation campaign. The unique multimedia experiences inside the giant tube successfully educate the visitor about the benefit of each ingredients of the product and induce them to do trial purchase of this newly introduced variant. 

Pepsodent 60,000 Smiles Photo Exhibition

In 2008, from February until July, Pepsodent has collected 60,000 smile photos from public through “Senyum Indonesia, Senyum Pepsodent” campaign. Throughout its program obtaining smile photo donations, Pepsodent is also holding an appreciation program to give back to the community in various cities within Indonesia, by giving free dental checkups and dental care to those who need it.

The brief for Celsius was to create an exhibition of 60,000 collected smile photos as the finale of the Indonesian Smiles: Pepsodent Smiles Campaign (SISP) for 2008, and to show Pepsodent’s appreciation for the people of Indonesia.

Resonating the campaign’s concept of “Let’s Smile So That Others Smile Too” which was also become the exhibition’s theme, the exhibition was done in Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World), Indonesian version of Disneyland. A place where people smile a lot, became a place where public can witness the huge collection of smile photos from all over Indonesia. The Pepsodent 60,000 Smiles Photo Exhibition is the biggest smile photo exhibition ever done in Indonesia. The acknowledgement by MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) is a legitimate proof of this achievement. The buzz of this event did successfully strengthen the brand image of Pepsodent as leader in the category, and strengthen the brand association of Pepsodent as a brand that care and committed to contribute to Indonesian dental health.

Conello B217AN

In 2008, Wall’s Conello has launched two new variants to complete its unique line of flavors with the new theme ”Two Becomes One”. The two variants are Sweetheart Brownies and Almond Praline in Love. Ice Cream Wall’s Conello Royale Sweetheart Brownies is a combination of dark chocolate ice cream with caramel, and Wall’s Conello Almond Praline in Love, featuring a fusion between vanilla ice cream and hazelnut.

This combination of two into one is also showcased in other forms such as the unification of two popular teen singers from two different countries as ambassadors for a single product, Conello. The two young stars are Gita Gutawa (Gita) as the Brand Ambassador for Conello Indonesia and Gadaffi B. Ismail Sabri (Dafi) as the Brand Ambassador for Cornetto Malaysia. Other Asian countries are also conducting this campaign in addition to Indonesia and Malaysia, including Singapore, China, Pakistan, India, and Thailand. Gita Gutawa and Dafi then sang a song that was used as Conello Royale TV commercial, and both of them were also appeared in the TV commercial.

To translate this concept into engaging brand activation campaign, the ”Two Becomes One” concept was adapted by Celsius into activation that strongly simulate the situation which the teenagers have to overcame their differences and collaborate themselves in a positive activities. The activation concept then was implemented by creating an event for high school students to compete among themselves. But to participate in the competition, each school should collaborate with other school and make a new team that represent both schools.

This first time ever concept of collaborating two difference schools was a true elaboration of regional “Two Becomes One” in relevant situation of Indonesian teenagers. The activation was successfully providing an experience for the teenagers on how to overcome the differences among them. An invaluable experience for them that really resonate the brand’s “Two becomes one” campaign theme. 


Close Up - Speak Up

We were appointed to execute the "Close Up Speak Up" big bang activation in 2008. 

Lux - 100 Diva

In 2008, we were assigned to handle LUX 100 Diva activation. The 100 winners from all over Indonesia were brought to Jakarta so that professional photographers might photograph them. After that, the final event for this activation was the LUX 100 Diva photo exhibition, featuring the LUX stars.

Sunsilk Unbreakable Women

In 2007, we were assigned to handle the SUNSILK Unbreakable Women activation for SUNSILK Hair Fall Solution, featuring Shanty as the unbreakable women icon. Some of the activities were the unbreakable theme song singing competition, on location hair wash, karaoke booth and interactive game.

Sunsilk Class - Save the Hair

In 2007, we were appointed to create the brand activation for SUNSILK Hair Nourisher. Since the main objective was to educate the target about the functional benefit of the conditioner, we executed the activation in an edutainment format for the teenage female.

HSBC Premiere

In 2007, we were assigned to handle the launching of HSBC Premier in Indonesia. The event took place in Dharmawangsa Hotel’s ballroom.

Lux - Play with Beauty

In 2007, we were assigned to handle LUX Play With Beauty activation campaign. Several events were conducted in 2 cities, Jakarta and Bandung. Some of the activities were make over booth, beauty consultation booth, interactive game, and beauty aura readings. At the end of this campaign, a one day street event was conducted in Bandung, as a celebration of LUX Play With Beauty.

Vaseline - Amazing Skin

In 2007, we were appointed to handle the Vaseline Amazing Skin activation. The booth with cozy/ lounge atmosphere was built in several office buildings' lobby area and malls.


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